The origin of our ingredients

“And pleasure, where does it come from?"
The choice of the ingredients over which we take great care”
  • The spirit of Moulin

    For over 30 years, we have attached the utmost importance to the selection of our raw materials. Flour, unrefined cane sugar, chocolate, essential oils, lemon juice... natural ingredients, certified organic of course!
  • A short circuit

    We go and find the best from those who share our values and our love of authenticity. Some ingredients come from close neighbours like raw milk, which is directly delivered to us by Francis, organic farmer and owner of the Griffoulas farm.
  • Partnerships that make sense

    All the flour, the raw material essential to the production of our cookies, is provided by the Montricoux Mill, a family-run mill since 1942. Wheat meanwhile is cultivated and harvested in Gers by a cooperative on a human scale composed of 350 producers.
  • A rigorous selection

    For all the exotic notes (cane sugar, chocolate, vanilla...) that enter into the composition of our recipes, we select the origins and check the mode and conditions of cultivation. We promote organic and fair trade.
  • Removal of palm oil

    Pampering you is our motto. For over 5 years, we have removed all the palm oil used in the composition of our recipes. Three years of nearly full-time research were needed for us to develop our oleic sunflower oil-based recipes. We had to invent, test, and adapt the machines. And since we don’t like doing things by halves… the sunflower selected for our recipes is grown and pressed in the South West of France.

“By choosing our products, you make the choice of ingredients coming from the organic agriculture”

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