The Origins

“A family business…
or the legacy of generations passionate about flavour and nature. ”
  • The 1940s It's the birth of a beautiful story

    This charming tale begins with the Cayla family buying an old water mill in Les Mazières... a magnificent little village nestled in the hollow of the valleys of Aveyron.
  • The 1970s 100% organic flour

    A visionary family who believed in another form of agriculture, an agriculture respectful of lifeforms. She takes steps to remain true to his convictions. The mill is one of the first to obtain a "Nature and Progress" certification. This approach placed the mill at the forefront of the development of agro-ecology and guaranteed that all of the raw ingredients sold were organic.
  • The 1980s From flour to organic cookies

    The third generation embarked on the production of cookies. Gourmet and curious by nature, she tested different cookie recipes with unique flavours, all made with organic flour produced by the mill. This generation decided to create a brand to market this line of cookies. The "LE MOULIN DU PIVERT” brand, (literally "The Woodpecker's Mill”) directly refers to this bird that nests in the roofs of the old mills. Success was immediate. Specialty organic shops, with the same values, trusted him. For a few years, the two activities co-existed.
  • The 1990s Success for LE MOULIN DU PIVERT cookies

    100% of the activity is oriented around the organic bakery. All the cookies were handmade so as to bring out the best taste. Full of enthusiasm for passing on these values, Jean-Michel continued to promote local industry and supplied himself in regional organic flour. Immersed in nature and great products, passionate about the place where he lives, he works daily on egg and palm oil-free recipes promoting flavour and pleasure.
  • 2015 A new biscuit workshop was born

    With more than 50 recipes, including a dozen that are chocolate-based, and as more and more of you appreciated them, Le Moulin du Pivert, initially located in Les Mazières (12) in the former mill, decided to build a new workshop, located a few minutes from its historic site. The new workshop opens in September 2015, which allows the Moulin du Pivert to double its production capacity. The emphasis is on modernity ! But if the production method becomes stronger, there is no question of changing ingredients to preserve the natural taste !
  • 2018 The brand is now owned by the Tacquard family

    The Moulin du Pivert leaves the Cayla family's fold to join the Breton group Galapagos, belonging to the Tacquard family. The Tacquard family, with its know-how in the manufacture and marketing of biscuits for part of its activity, is continuing the commitments made until now around the development of organic sectors, local circuits and gourmet food.
“By choosing our products, you make the choice of ingredients coming from the organic agriculture”

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